Quality Assurance

The Mission of QA is to ensure software works properly. Our creative, experienced QA team can improve the quality of the finished product, using industry-standard methods, methodologies and professional software testing products. Working together with development teams and end customers, QA India contributes to on-time and within budget delivery.

Our Purpose is to help software organizations become more profitable by effective use of the most suitable Software Quality Assurance (SQA) and/or Testing activities and services. We help organizations identify, evaluate and implement appropriate QA and Testing technologies to improve the quality of their software.

It is known that an independent Quality Assurance (QA) is standard in the industry, to ensure the quality of software. Typically, DataArt clients make use of our QA services when:

  • an independent, unbiased testing process is wanted to work with an internal team or other contractors
  • the project requires a more formal QA process than the one currently employed
  • augmenting existing testing groups is needed during peak load periods, such as product release cycles
  • unique testing skills are being utilized within the existing QA group, such as performance, multi-platform or integration testing

We provide not only testing itself, but a complete Quality Assurance service, which means the following:

  • a planned and systematic pattern of actions that ensure the developed system conforms to the technical requirements
  • a set of activities designed to evaluate the process by which your system is developed or maintained

*People who are working with us have worked with the mentioned clients.
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