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Software development is such a crucial process for businesses, governments, and economies as a whole. The standardization and measuring of the processes which go into creating new software have long been sort of free form and have been developed in this kind of cowboy style way in which much of the software industry came to develop. As a relatively new technology (software development only became a really dominant and important industry about fifteen years ago), the people who were smart enough and well-versed enough in these processes tended to invent their own way of doing things, and if some kind of protocol existed, they tended to ignore it and create their own protocol.

This is the way the software industry emerged, a community of pioneers borrowing and stealing from what had been done before and sometimes completely throwing it out completely in order to create something new. The establishment in the field of computer science both academically and in terms of business and government has always been a ways behind the private development of these young developers and entrepreneurs and only recently have they even begun to catch up as intelligent software people chasing a steady paycheck have begun to take up work with the establishment. This has lead to the standardization of some of the processes of developing a new piece of software, and this is known as the application development lifecycle.

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